Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last day April 21, 2009.. at 5:00 in the afternoon... I fell something strange in my stomach. I don't know if it is what they sat labor. but the pain ease so quickly. At around 7:00 in the evening the pain back again which some sticky fluid in my undies.I sent a txt message to my midwife to ask about it... She called me over the phone and told me to went in the clinic for examination. It's 2 cm after midwife dolly checked the position of my baby including the heartbeat. She told me.. I can go back home and have some rest... nothing to worry then. I thought... that night Ill become mommy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks for this day!

Today, March 19,2009.... I have may accomplishments! Yes!

I wake up 5:30 in the morning with my husband and we rushed to oval plaza and do my morning walks. Older folks advised me to have this daily exercise for my own good and fro my upcoming delivery... specially I really need this because I'm suffering "beri-beri". My hand and toes gets bigger and bigger. And it aches during early mornings! Ouch!

After breakfast, I take a bath and went back to school. I already paid my darangen and submit my Certification of work experience. Almost 3:00 in the afternoon when I accomplished all this tasks.

Then, I went home and open my Gmail to send Maam Mylene my project in Prolog! Message sent!

Thanks! I'm done!

So tired but it's okie!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks for understanding!

If I had one thing to be thankful by this moment.... that's when I pass my Math 61 in tha advisory of Maam Berlita Disca. I admit Im not really good in math. Last week.. Im so worried for my removal because that will be my only and last chance to pass the subject and to make my graduation posibel. If I fail, I can't be with , with my batch on the marching day.

But, it was an answered prayer. Iknow God is within me. I believe He touched Maam Disca's heart. I know my answers in the exams are not 100% sure to pass. But I really do believe that Maam understands my situation. And Im so thankfulfor that!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Soon to be mom!

From student to mom!

That's how my life twist as fast as a blink of an eye. At first, facing this kind of reality was not so easy... but life goes on as what it be.
My parents, loved ones, friends and the father of my child to be.. never neglect me as I've taken this road. Nothings change..... the more I faced this problem the more I fell their love to me. How the accept me is the best thing I'd treasure in my heart.
I know I've hurt them so much because of the mistakes I'd committed. But, God is still good to me. Everything turns ok! Im so glad and Im so excited that soon to be....2 months from now.... my baby will be born and me.. as a new mom will also be born.... soon ... very soon.
Now, I'm looking for the next chapter in my life to be a mom and to be wife. But still Im the same person you ought to know!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Pressure!

I heared a news that the graduation was rescheduled. From April 6 to March 30! So pressure.... in my part for I have many grades and requirements to accomplish. I 'm so worried with my Math 61 for I haven't taken my removal eaxm. Im afraid that I may fail this subject! If I did.. I will not graduate! I always try my best to do so! To pass... is my aim! Im practicing solving problems and memorizing concepts and formula.. May it work well! God bless me so.... fpr my upcoming examination. Help me through prayers! Thank then....

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been a long time..

It's been a long time I was not able to visit my blog. Now.... Im back home with my blog! Im so gald it's still alive! Alive ! Alive!